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The products Intermex offers are:

Money Transfer

Payments are made by either bank deposits or pick up. They are made in dollars, local currency or money order. Intermex counts with more than 30,000 locations in major banks and money remittance companies.
  • Telewire: A money remittance service initiated through our call enter. Our call center hours are 7:00am-1:00 am EST
  • Cash Direct: Once processed, electronic wires are paid within an hour.

Money Orders

Offering Intermex money orders to customers is another way to increase your store traffic. Since it is estimated that over 20% of all U.S households do not have a bank account. Intermex’s automated money order equipment allows you to dispense and sell money orders quickly and easily. The system is virtually maintenance-free, provides you with detailed and summarized reports of all your money order sales and facilitates your accounting and management activities.

Check Cashing Capabilities

This system processes multiple checks as a method of payment against your wire invoice. The scanner used with this program can image up to 25 checks per batch. This system will not capture any customer information.


This system only accepts checks issued by YOUR COMPANY as payment for your wire invoice. Intermex will not accept checks issued by a third party.